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What Does The Paris Climate Accord Actually Mean For The World? Golden Age of Gaia!

Christmas has come early? An unprecented set of 195 nations have reached a landmark climate agreement in Paris.  What a present for humanity and the resurrection of Gaia or Mother Earth as we embark on a Golden Age!  Here is what this means in simple terms:

1. We potentially avoid catastrophic effects of climate chaos – ice sheets starting to melt, coastlines flooding from rising seas, and certain types of extreme weather – and leave behind a healthier planet for generations to come.

2. Major oil producers and exporters like Russia, Saudi Arabia, Canada and United Arab Emirates already weakened by the extreme slide in the price of oil, could shed further financial muscle, economic might and geo-strategic projection power.

3. Strengthens pro-climate parties like the Democrats and their affiliates including the incumbent US President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry – who both lobbied hard – but it equally outrages many anti-climate parties like the Republicans and their affiliates who are skeptical of the extent of human-caused climate chaos and believe the deal favours environmental ideology over economic reality.

4. Although this deal is likely to be overshadowed in the current geo-strategic and geo-political environment because of heightened fears in regard to terrorism; rising frequency of droughts, floods and severe weather in many countries have raised concerns for many ordinary citizens.

5. Ambitious targets for limiting the rise in global temperatures may help companies involved in renewable energy and energy efficiency by expanding their markets.  

6. The accord may make life difficult for some of the incumbent companies like electric utilities and coal producers, whose use of fuel releases high levels of carbon dioxide.  Other green-house gas emitters like large animal farms will also be targeted because of methane release – 84 times more potent impact than CO2 – which accounts for more global warming than all the cars on the planet.  Expect vegetarianism and veganism to triumph and become a pro-climate life-style choice.

7. The lay person will notice greater emphasis in advertising and life-style campaigns on more efficient electrical products, homes and vehicles.

8. Jobs could be created through the construction of a new energy infrastructure, the maintenance of solar fields and the development of new transportation systems that move away from dependence on the petrol gas pump.

9. Create economic stars and constellations out of relatively poor countries with an abundance of sun and wind for renewable energy.

10. Could further move the energy balance of power away from the fossil fuel exporting developing world toward the industrialised countries, boosting technology-strong economies like the United States, European Union and Japan as they develop global solutions for the generation and distribution of renewable energy.

Regardless of the outcome, by requiring regular reviews of emissions, this welcome accord lays a foundation for stronger action in the future.  In a nutshell, we are paving the way for a more energy-efficient and sustainable future for humanity as we embark on the first steps towards The Golden Age of Gaia or Mother Earth’s resurrection.  This is great news for the triumph of common sense and not just for us but for generations to come!  


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