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What's The Strategy In Syria?

1. Isn’t there a clear difference between strategy and tactics? Why is it best not to confuse the two?

2. Does dropping bombs on Syria constitute a strategy? What happens after that? What’s the coherent end game? How is peace and stability restored to Syria? Which objectives have to be achieved that define the phased exit points?

3.  If any intelligent person or group asks key questions in regard to the short, medium and long term Syria strategy in order to understand entrance-and-exit points, does that person or group immediately become a “terrorist sympathiser”?

4.  What are the lessons gleaned from recent conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya?  How and why do those lessons apply to the Syria situation?

5. Given the multiple entities – some in rag-tag coalitions of convenience – that are involved in the Syria theatre of conflict and the multiple agendas; at which point do some of those multiple entities – Syria, Rebels, Moderates & Extremists, ISIS, Russia, US, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar etc – end up at logger-heads and diametrically opposed in regard to some self-serving agenda items? What are the unintended consequences of over-crowding  and over-layering of such complexity?


What are your thoughts, observations and views? http://ow.ly/VmyzC

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