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Why Gratitude's The Best Attitude?

Where do energy, vitality and joy come from? They come from an attitude of gratitude. When we are truly grateful all joy in the universe is manifest as our own.

So, where to begin? Let us begin with “Thank you” and “Please.”  Why?  These simple words are the beginning of gratitude.  

Being grateful is a deep concept.  It encompasses not having regrets.  Everything that has happened, is happening and will happen has a perfect purpose in the grand design of the universe.

1. Gratitude shifts our mindset

Waiting for life to change is an outdated and passive solution.  For me, being an entrepreneur means being totally proactive, not passive, so why not switch our mindset step-by-step to see life change for the better?  How about keeping a daily list of events that one is grateful for?

2. Gratitude creates solutions

Practicing gratitude takes one out of myriad problems and towards a solution. It removes one from complaining- or victim- mode and towards a best-outcomes positive mindset.  Whole companies and industries have been created from seeing solutions where others only saw obstacles.  

3. Gratitude is contagious

When one is grateful one tends to exude and to share that contagious positive energy.  Our energy – good or bad – is contagious and if we do good things together we are better and stronger for having come together. That’s pretty much the only contagious cascade happening in the world right now that one can get positively excited about!


The more we recognise and express gratitude for the things we have, the more things we will have to express gratitude for!


What are your thoughts, observations and views?

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