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ATCA 5000

Asymmetric Threats Contingency Alliance

ATCA 5000's Five Key Laws of Energy, Geo-Strategy, Macro-Economics and 21st Century Ideology


We originally proposed ATCA 5000's Five Key Laws of Energy, Geo-Strategy, Macro-Economics and 21st Century Ideology in March 2014:

  1. Energy is power;
  2. All debt finance and fiat currency are calls on future energy supply, unfettered growth in demand and consumption;
  3. What global power projection and conflict demonstrates time and time again is that access to energy sources and their transit is the ultimate prize and leverage which underpins economic value, motive and initiative;
  4. The entire military, intelligence, industrial, technological and denial complex is built around guaranteeing the security and supply of energy and the insatiable and ever rising appetite for it and other natural resources;
  5. The competition between different nation states and non-nation-state actors to garner access to energy sources lies at the root of the global turmoil we witness everyday, which is a symptom and not the cause.

These five key laws are proposed by myself, DK Matai, based on the outstanding Socratic dialogue conducted by ATCA 5000 distinguished members from more than 150 countries over the last decade plus.

In the context of the present, these five key laws help to explain what is going on in regard to Russia and the Ukraine as well as why Europe cannot do much about it and why the US will also be more insular in its global power projection in the future, given its rising self-sufficiency in regard to energy. 

These five key laws also may explain why the conflicts have raged in the Middle-East and North Africa, why China and Japan are suddenly quarrelling in regard to the South China Sea and what is likely to happen next in regard to the global financial crisis. 


What are your thoughts, observations and views?  We are keen to listen and to learn.

DK Matai

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