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ATCA 5000

Asymmetric Threats Contingency Alliance

COLD WAR 2.0 -- The Super-Secure Great Firewall of China

Is Quantum Cryptography The New Enigma Code
The Launch of The New Space Race?

Imagine an encryption more "hack proof" than Hitler's Enigma code. One that even a genius like Alan Turing would not be able to hack !

Welcome to Quantum Cryptography in the 21st century where quantum entangled photons are utilised to transmit and to receive messages super securely. 


Quantum Artificial Intelligence and 'Humanoid' Robots

Why do we spend so much time looking at our smart phone? The smart phone we carry -- Android or iPhone -- is an impressive machine, with computing speeds and storage capacities thousands of times those of desktop Personal Computers (PCs) and laptops from only a few years ago. The 'apps' we use every day are enhancing our capacity to function in the complex and truly globalised world we now encounter at work, home and play. Imagine living without that smart phone which provides an additional silicon brain? As Moore's Law climaxes, our smart watch is likely to outshine our present smart phone the way our smart phones now eclipse old PCs and laptops. Yet, there is something missing...  More...

Dawn of The Quantum Age? State-of-the-Art Quantum Technologies 2.0 or QT2

We are at the beginning of a new era in the application of Quantum Physics which is going to be dominated by subtle effects. From computing to cryptography and from healthcare to energy, many very significant innovations and inventions of our time are manifest at the Quantum Level. Does this herald the onset of the new Quantum Age? Possibly... now that billions upon billions of dollars are being committed to Quantum Technologies 2.0 (QT2) by G20 governments and Multi-Nationals collectively with multiple announcements in recent months and many more overt and covert projects in the pipeline on which sovereignty, national security and industrial competitive advantage depend. More...