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Euro Crash: Why's Greece About To Exit Eurozone Taking Euro With It?


Pay close attention to Greece now.

  1. No austerity for posterity as the anti-bailout Syriza party extends its lead in the polls just before elections in Greece on Sunday.
  2. Whilst the Greek people are warned that a Syriza win may risk Greece leaving the euro, that's the only hope for the average Greeks feeling disenfranchised by the Greek economy.
  3. Syriza’s rise is fuelled by professors-turned-politicians who are in no mood to appease the large debt and austerity enforcers: the IMF, the ECB and the EU.
  4. Syriza victory in Greece could lead to 'economic chaos' within Greece as promises to reduce the debt burden by 50% cause a rapid Grexit from the eurozone.
  5. The cascading ripples across the euro zone are likely to cause the single currency to collapse further in value against the dollar and other hard currencies just as it is already in free fall because of the 1.2 trillion euro money printing -- quantitative easing -- announcement by the ECB this week. More...

Is 1.2 Trillion Euros The Right Answer To The Wrong Question?


Good News Or Bad News?

Once upon a time something good happened for Europe.  The price of oil went down dramatically.  When the oil price halved in the last months of 2014, there was no way for the European Central Bank (ECB) to fulfill its mandate of keeping price growth close to 2 percent a year.  The ECB painted itself into a corner by targeting headline inflation, not core inflation, which excludes food and energy.  Left with no choice, the ECB announced on 22nd January 2015 that it would begin printing digital money in large quantities, ie start Quantitative Easing or QE in the near future.  Contrary to popular myth, QE doesn't fight 'deflation', it rather causes it by keeping zombie banks alive.  Why? Quantitative easing simply buries money in commercial bank vaults, by bolstering their balance sheets, when it is cash in circulation that is desperately needed.  More...

Did the Swiss Franc Just Light A Crisis Fuse?

SWITZERLAND - bridging the ravine

Financial World In Shock

As the value of a euro plunges significantly against a Swiss franc, we are on the cusp of a major financial event.

World central bankers have now been put on deflation alert as interest rates have been moved to -0.75% by the Swiss central bank. In the annals of financial history 15th January 2015 will go down as monumentally significant. More...

Charlie Hebdo: Can We Understand Extremism In France Via Self Assembling Dynamic Networks (SADNs)?

Place des Terreaux in Lyon, France: Outpouring of Sympathy and Solidarity with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo extremist attacks 

The regrettable and tragic extremist incidents in France, which resulted in double digit loss of ordinary citizens' lives are the worst since the Second World War. 

ATCA 5000 offers its deep condolences to the bereaved families, the victims of the atrocities and solidarity with the people of France.  

Historic events over three days have shaken the nation to its core especially as these events were perpetrated by French citizens.  Several ATCA 5000 distinguished members both within France and French citizens around the world have been in regular touch during the unfolding crises.

What are the immediate consequences of extremism in France?  Greater system-wide security and law-enforcement.  

What are the unintended effects of the deployment of that higher security? Potential reduction in trust, freedom, tranquility and humanity. 

It may be useful to dwell on Self-Assembling Dynamic Networks (SADNs), a framework concept which ATCA 5000 first advanced in 2010, before discussing this further.  The short hand of religious extremism may be incomplete because this is a multi-dimensional and multi-faceted asymmetric threat not just within France but across Europe and around the world. More...

Amber Alert: Emerging Markets Financial Crisis?


Fasten your seat belts, 2015 is going to be extremely turbulent if the US Fed keeps tightening monetary policy. 

Such is the addiction of the global patients now, that unless the Federal Reserve prints dollars again -- which they won’t as long as the US GDP is recovering robustly -- the withdrawal symptoms from cheap money injections are going to be manifest as massive volatilities in emerging markets and ricochet back to the developed world, as they are already doing. Witness the latest stock market falls not just in the emerging markets but also, to some extent, in the developed world on the back of the collapsing price of commodities including oil, which has now gone below the psychologically important $50 threshold and is still falling. The euro has also been falling and is at a nine year low against the super strong US dollar.  The rocketing strength of the dollar, relative to other commodities and currencies, is the nub of this emerging markets financial crisis to be manifest in stages. More...

2015: Why's the Oil Price Collapsing? Answer: $8+ Trillion Carry Trade

Most in the media are utterly clueless about what's coming in 2015. It is incumbent upon ATCA 5000 to clarify the situation as we did prior to the start of The Great Reset and The Great Unwind during 2007-2008 based on our global intelligence gathering, detailed scenario planning and mathematical modelling of capital allocation and trans-national flows:

  1. The price of oil has fallen by more than half from its recent peak in mid-2014 and continues to remain in relative free fall in 2015;
  2. The US dollar, in which oil is denominated, is soaring against almost all asset classes and currencies to break its multi-year trend range; and
  3. The world's financial system remains on a dollar standard, not a euro, yen, sterling or renminbi standard. Majority of global loans continue to be in dollars.